My name is Jan Leyssens. I'm a student Industrial Design at the university college of West-Flanders.

For my masters project I'm going to develop a new demonstrator for the expo at IMEC.
This demonstrator will contain a new product that shows the power of IMEC's solar technology and this blog (the making of the product).

Feel free to sent in ideas, remarks, comments,...

zondag 21 februari 2010

Concept explained

The final computer will look a lot like a tablet pc.

When the computer is closed (FIG.1), the solar cells will be connected to the bottom of the computer (FIG.2).

There are 2 types of usage: - Compact
- Comfort

Compact (FIG.3): Tablet-mode --> Touchscreen, touch-keyboard, Solar cells on the bottom (battery usage) of loose from the computer to put in the sun

Comfort (Fig.4): Desktop-mode --> Touchscreen, bluetooth keyboard, solar cells loose in the sun or on the holder behind the screen (FIG.5)

In the table (FIG.6) you can see how the solar cells can be connected in the different modes.